Wizard101: All Myth Spells Level 1-110

wizard101 myth spells
wizard101 myth spells

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I want to know men which one can be your preferred Myth spell!!

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Selection of all of the myth spells within wizard 101


My Head 😉


In the section where it states “Myth Spells From Quest”. The component “Quest” is discussing
the starting quest. When you attend the individual for the spell the quest ought to be there.

****Some quests require prerequisites****

For instance:
you must do the particular level 35 spell from baldur goldpaws before you do the particular level 55
spell. If the 35 Spell doesnt demonstrate may need to finish a particular region in Grizzleheim.


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Presenting the newly additional Myth spell contained in the new Mirage Planet update: Snake Charmer

The caster of the spell may be the New Level 120 Myth Henchman

This spell happens to be available only in Test Realm. Changes might be applied to the spells once this update is available in the Live Realm.

Many of these Level 118 spells include a new mechanic where you “divide” your damage on the list of amount of targets you chose. After selecting the spell, afterward you select each target you desire the spell going to. Your decision: 1, 2, 3, or 4 targets!

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Listed below are the Spell animation for several Seven of the brand new level 118 SPELLS that just arrived in the Mirage update in the Wizard101 Test Realm.
( New Fire, Ice, Storm, Balance, Myth, Death, And Life Spells)

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Level 118 Ice Spell – Climaclysm
Level 118 Fire Spell – Scorching Scmitars
Level 118 Storm Spell – Iron Sultan
Level 118 Myth Spell – Snake Charmer
Level 118 Death Spell – Qismah’s Curse
Level 118 Life Spell – Llamasu
Level 118 Balance Spell – Sand Worm

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this is really a collection of all of the myth spells plus some of the places to obtain them.
every one of the myth spells and pictures i acquired are from wizard101 central wiki. i really do not know These pictures.
All information can be from the wiki
benefit from the video!

Wizard101: Medusa Quest (Level 58 Myth Spell)

me getting medusa:D

that is probably the best explain of the particular level 58’s because i needed it before it even arrived on the overall game… so yeah.

balance video will soon be up in 2-3 weeks! 😀

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wizard101 myth spells